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Endowment Fund Investment Board Staff

Chris Anton
Chris Anton
Manager of Investments
Chris Halvorson
Chris Halvorson
Investment Officer
No picture available
Kathy Van Vactor
Fiscal Officer
Liz Wieneke
Liz Wieneke
Office Manager

Persons serving as Manager of Investments Since Creation of the Investment Board in 1969

NameTerm of Service
Larry JohnsonSeptember 2005-November 2017
Richelle Sugiyama (acting)May 2005-September 2005
Matthew HaertzenNovember 2002-April 2005
Robert Maynard (acting)August 2002-November 2002
April 2005-May 2005
Charles SaumsJuly 1998-June 2002
William HeppJuly 1971-June 1988
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